About Decimus

Information about our RuneScape clan.

Welcome to Decimus

Decimus is a PvM and Community based clan founded in June of 2013.

The people in charge of the clan are as follows;

Noble Narnia

Deputy Owner:
Half Crazy
Conner M14


Citadel Managers:
Conner M14
Noble Narnia

Technical staff:

If you are interested in joining Decimus or have an issue with applying please message any of the Leaders listed above.

For technical issues with the website or forum, email the Technical Staff

The purpose of Decimus

The reason for founding Decimus in 2013 was to create a place in which PvMers of different standards could come together and easily form teams to do bosses such as Nex and Kalphite King, and also Vorago when it was released.

Shortly after recruiting it came to attention that many people were joining to just be involved with the Decimus community and not do any PvM, so a Community rank was created. Decimus then became a mixed clan with dedicated members in each section. For dedicated players in the clan, they can be awarded the rank giving them permissions to invite to the clan, and also to hold the clan avatar. There are also ranks in the clan that are hard to obtain and will be a challenge to achieve to give members something to work towards in the clan.

How and Where to apply for Decimus

If interested in becoming a part of the clan, you will find everything you need to know on our thread on the Official Runescape Forums. Use Quick-Find Code 92-93-888-65826191 or find us in our clanchat in-game!