Decimus Citadel

Information about the Decimus Citadel

Currently we have a Tier 6 Citadel.

We have 3 Clan Avatars which are of great use to us (who doesn't like Bonus XP?) and all of them are named. (Sad, we know)

  • Red Avatar:
  • Blue Avatar:
  • Tree-esque Avatar:

What is a Citadel?

The Clan Citadel is a 'personal' area for clans where clan members can skill or hang out with fellow clan members. It's also the home of the clan avatars.

Where can the Citadel be found?

The Citadel can be found by going through the Citadel portal in either the Falador clancamp or the portal in Prifddinas.

What can members do in the Citadel?

Clan members can train skills like smithing, crafting and cooking among others without using any actual resources while still gaining exp and helping the clan to maintain the upkeep costs for the Citadel. These upkeep costs are important as they allow us to use the Avatars, giving everyone in the clan a slight exp boost. It's also a great way to socialise with fellow clan members while skilling.

Are clan members required to cap?

Capping for our members is not mandatory although it is highly appreciated, especially by the clan leader and our Citadel Managers, Conner M14 and Noble Narnia.

However, those ranks that are Avatar Warden have to cap each week. Whether that be a full cap, or a half cap to maintain Fealty 3.

Our Citadel resets are on Thursday mornings (GMT)

What benefits are there to be gained from the Citadel?

As a clan members, you can become an Avatar Warden (Admin rank), which means you will be able to summon one of the clan avatars. These avatars can give boosts such as an exp boost while capping in the Citadel or an exp boost when skilling outside of the Citadel.

If you want to become an Avatar Warden (Admin) then all you have to do is cap 3 times in a row in order to obtain Fealty 3 then you'll need to speak with a member of staff and say that you're interested in becoming an Avatar Warden.

If you are an Avatar Warden and you DO NOT cap, or at least half cap, for 2 weeks in a row then you will temporarily be demoted from 'Avatar Warden'. In order to re-obtain the role, a FULL CAP must be completed.