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Chinese ownership went through
Hey guys, might be me beating a dead horse, but after the initial news about Jagex maybe getting bought out by that one Iron Mine company from China, I didn't hear much about it (neither on twitter, nor the forums nor the RS website).

So I was somewhat surprised to find out the deal actually went through completely over a week ago as you can see in the (public) Company House of the UK website when searching for Jagex. Every company needs to update that as soon as important decisions get made and so it's possible to see that on the 28th of June the existing board of the company was 'let go' and, judgning by the names, replaced with Chinese replacements:

Again, it might just be me having missed a post about it, but I couldn't find anything on the website about it when I searched for it. Just thought I'd let you guys know and if i'm being dumb feel free to delete this post


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