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Rasta's ROTS Feats attempts.
Just making a short thread for myself,meanwhile everyone else grinding out the Invention I decided to invest some of my free time to attempt to do some of these ROTS achivements.


EOC is for scrubs.
Complete a kill with the whole team on legacy mode.

The Par Zar Challenge.
Solo Ahrim within one timer, without onslaught.

Kill Karil from full health during bombs.

Well at least we got the kill...
Have all four team members die during the cutscene.

Complete a whole kill using strictly only melee. The whole team must melee the whole kill.


Cya Ahrim.
Kill Ahrim from full health in one tick.

Damage over time.
Starting with 3 brothers at full health, solo them in 3 consecutive timers.

So you like to walk, huh?
Complete a full kill without running (whole team).


Kill all but one brother, and lower him to 5,000hp. Then heal all brothers back to full, and kill them again!

The f2p challenge.
Complete a kill with only f2p gears and supplies. Members' abilities and prayer pots are exceptionally allowed.

Solo rots. No barrier stalling.


All together now.
Kill all 6 brothers in one tick.

Will be updating regularly.

[Image: ZRfKWBSY2NOmYRRLMdnFO4E55My3zleqYQkGZ2a6...OKMYhQ.jpg]


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